licht performence 2014

Inspiring Seoul with a Message worth spreading: Du und Du – Dundu

The World Peace Gate in Seoul was created for the Olympische Spiele 1988 in Seoul, South Korea: It´s a place where we shared our light during the latest Korean adventure on 8th July for the 5tardium production.
Creating unique moments and changing the perception of places through mesmerising art performances which are partly created in the spectators mind by providing an empty canvas to be filled with your imaginations:
That is our mission when we challenge ourselves to over-deliver, to share this spirit with the local community and engage for these surprising moments that fill up our batteries during long rehearsal times in Wagenhallen in Stuttgart – meine Stadt
Inspire the people to act and create moments of peace and harmony is our vision with our Gentle Giants of Light Dundu – They embody the Olympic spirit in a sense that it is one world and one body that can only coexist with all parts being moved together – in a collective approach.
One Step at a Time and there´s a long way down the road…..but we are still hungry and more keen then ever to continue. Be part of this movement……

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