Let us celebrate this ancient art which hasn´t lost anything of its magic nowadays. It seems actually that the more digital the world becomes – the higher is this sensation and need for this “analog” moments created by humans through objects for humans:

With the Dundu puppet, we have been sharing the light around the world for more than a decade.

The poetic performances show through the collective-animation puppetry that we are all one and interconnected just as the 5 puppeteers that bring Dundu to life. A metaphor for life and humanity and a movement that can be only created in harmony and together.

Tobias Husemann created these Giants with a message worth spreading and Stefan Charisius with his friends of Dundumusik bring the magical sounds to the stagings:

Animate, play and share – that is the world of puppetry that we are celebrating today

The video shows a performance in Macau about the importance of family and the power that the dreams of children have for the world