We are back from a mesmerizing time in Israel – we were invited by the Festival of Lights in Jeruslam and performed there from 28th till 6th of July every night in the illuminated old town of the Holy City.

The streets were so crowded and among the 40 light installations – DUNDU was one of the interactive highlights on his nightly stroll from the Old Jaffa Gate and along the Wall of the Old City: Beyond the performances in the Old Town, we also discovered the beauty of Israel, ate awesome falafels and Tobias our co-founder re-encountered a lot of his friends from the times, when he was working there with a Giant Elvis Puppet. On the last day, we brought Baby DUNDU to an orphange in East Jerusalem and shared the light in this special context.

Incredible Isreal with DUNDU – an amazing time and we hope to come back to tell this story onward. You and You – Better together.


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