Dundu Live


Because of the transparent appearance and the seeming lack of identity, DUNDU is able to assume a multitude of roles. Despite its size DUNDU creates a genuine personal touch and, together with language and music, a graceful, positive mood – this very special atmosphere that will spellbind your audience and remain in their memories for long.


As show act, DUNDU gives your event a special touch and puts the audience through his interaction under his spell. He gives every observer an inspiring and fascinating moment. Seven years of show experience with a perfectly fitting live music make sure that DUNDU gives your ideas a magical shape. As an opening act, DUNDU sets a common focus for the whole audience and creates a stunning lasting memory to every guest in a very indiviudal way. Dundu is very flexible and awards the audience with the intensive feeling of spatial dimensions. The performance makes your dreams come true and your visions become reality

DUNDU in Concert

It’s a theater play rolled into in an interactive recital. Past stagings, i.e., were accompanied by And. YPSILON (Die Fantastischen Vier) and Flo Dauner (Drumset DSDS). We would be glad to consult with you on compiling the ideal sounds for your event. West African kora, saxophone, drums, melodica, bass clarinet, elektronic sounds and many more very exclusive possiblities are at your disposal.

Walking Act

On the base of experiences made while playing puppetry with DUNDU as well as in various situations during both, rehearsals and performances, the idea of teambuilding becomes crystal clear due to the metaphorical effect of the DUNDU figure. Only if everyone fully participates, if the group pulls together and acts in concert, DUNDU can truly be brought to life.


Based on the experiences made while playing and performing  with the DUNDU puppets, the idea of teambuilding becomes crystal clear. This is the magic which this puppet shares with us and we want to share this further. Only if everyone fully participates, if the group pulls together and acts in concert, DUNDU can truly be brought to life. The concept was developed by Fabian Seewald and more information concerning the workshops can be found on www.dundu-teambuilding.eu