The DUNDU Giants

The DUNDU Family

Via intelligent constellations of different sizes of figures, strong intuitive impressions can be shown: e.g. family pictures with father, mother, child. Each and every DUNDU figure here has a very distinct character  and we would be happy to support you in choosing the perfect figure for your event.

The giant DUNDUs – majestic and elegant on Dream Trips

Resulting in a subtle, collective consciousness. The beholder’s attention casts a persona of DUNDU thus propagating creative Now and again the figures turn into the beholder’s projection screen, capable to adopt various characters. Therefore, they become the universal staging object which captivates in every setting and makes the audience dream. Each and every movement is a result of collective impulses in the here and now.

The little DUNDU a wholehearted whirlwind

The little DUNDU is outclassing his big brothers by far in agility, he goes straight to the viewer’s heart. The audience’s focus roams from the petite light figure not only to his five souls but to the enchanted faces of the public as well. Making you feel safe and secure, he is all set for any adventure. Whether as dancing DJ, as curious inquirer/stalker or as little shyish charmer – he touches you and stays vividly in mind.

The new DUNDU – 2,8 meters of revolutionary puppet show

Tobias Husemann’s newest creation attains an unheard-of level of interaction with the public: Via the ingenious head control, the new DUNDU can communicate more profoundly and he is able to embody true emotions. The new DUNDU is capable to walk across walls and to excite with brilliant flips and jumps, therefore managing the balancing act between the real and surreal world inaugurating quite a new spectrum of movements in puppet shows.