Ursprung des Blues kehrt in seine Heimat zurück


Kulturminister und Presse sind begeistert: Wir motivieren mit einem Sommerhit die Bevölkerung von Guinea/ Westafrika den Aufforderungen von Präsident Alpha Condé zu folgen und ihre Entwicklung selbst in die Hand zu nehmen und nicht auszuwandern.


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The unique sound world of the Kora enlivens DUNDU and supports his unprecedented atmosphere

Each situation shares its common quality with the acoustic Besides, the magic spell and aesthetics are due, not least thanks to the music with its fluid sound structure of the West African Kora-harp, played by Stefan Charisius and conceived specifically for.

He belongs to the few Europeans who excell in playing this instrument rhythmically complex, also as a soloist and in various formations. This musical instrument has been used for centuries as a means of opening channels for well-being and for inner peace. Blues, Jazz, Swing and the Pop music are using melodies developed by means of the Kora up to this day.

The beauty of the sound allows to create a unique relaxed world.

The unique sound world of the Kora enlivens DUNDU and supports his unprecedented atmosphere. Thanks to the sensitive play of the Kora, the traditional music of both, the group/band TASUMA and the DUNDUMUSIK are also awarded a unique sound.

Additional musicians of the project are: Martin Andersson (piano, melodica, bass clarinet) Matthias Schneider-Hollek (transverse flute, beatz), Klaus Burger (air instruments, digeridoo).

DUNDU in Concert is a new format having been shown at “Extraschicht 2012” and “Industriade 2013”:

It’s a theater play rolled into in an interactive recital/a gig. Past stagings, i.e., were accompanied by And. YPSILON (Die Fantastischen Vier) and Flo Dauner (Drumset DSDS). We would be glad to consult with you on compiling the ideal sounds for your event.

West African kora, saxophone, drums, melodica, bass clarinet, elektronic sounds and many more, very exclusive possiblities are at your disposal.

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Dundu  Musik Ensemble

Stefan Charisius

Kora (afr. Harfe), Gongoma (Basskalimba), Stimme

Martin Andersson

Bassklarinette, die Melodika und das Klavier

Matthias Schneider Hollek

Flöte, Bansuri und Elektronische Musik

Klaus Burger

Basstuba, Trompete, Didgeridoo Flöten und Muscheln.

Carsten Netz

Saxophon, Flöte und Elektronische Musik.

Wolfgang Kallert

Gitarren, Klangschalen, Gongs.

Jaffer Khan


Bakary Kone

Djembe, Ngonie, Balafon Gitarre